We have renovated our headquarter offices in Remanzacco UD

Our newly renovated facility in Remanzacco – Udine – Italy has been modernized throughout the office spaces and green areas of the property.

We will continue to manage our production of plastic profiles for industrial applications from this facility located in Remanzacco (UD).

The project was overseen by architect Alessandro Zuccolo, as he was assigned to create spaces that would emphasize on environmental sustainability, integration with surrounding territory, and a pleasant work environment for our employees.

The facility conveys some of the characteristics of our business: creativity, innovation, attention to details, simplicity of shapes, functionality and quality of workmanship.

The perimeters of the facility built in the 1960’s, made with concrete and bricks, typical construction materials utilized in this period and territory, have been maintained as a testimony of the origins of the company.

While the internal areas have been redesigned to create functional working spaces, inspire creativity for our personnel, and to experience a pleasant visit for our guests.

The ample glass panes in front of the building allow a direct visual contact from the offices to the green area . The facility includes an area to welcome visitors, as well as an external recreation patio room. The remake of the green areas was also designed for a requalification of the industrial area.

The close collaboration between the architect and the ownership resulted in the creation of an ideal space to plan and manage the production of plastic profiles, and a place for welcoming customers and visitors.


Strada di Oselin 10/12
33047 Remanzacco (UD) – Italia
Tel. 0432 668877
Fax 0432 668429