Custom plastic extrusion profiles

Custom plastic extrusion profiles

We guide our ustomers throughout all the necessary steps to create new custom plastic extrusion profiles and obtain the best possible personalized solution.

For over 40 years, we have been manufacturing profiles to customers’ specifications. Custom plastic extrusion profiles, as well as gasket seals designed to customers’ specifications have become one of our primary strengths. Throughout the years we have acquired the necessary experience and competencies to offer a complete service package from engineering to the finished custom plastic extrusion profiles.

Mavis, is in a position to offer its customers engineering services by working side by side with each company throughout all the phases of the development of a new product. The interaction with our partners allow us to reduce lead times and costs of each project. The close collaboration with our raw material suppliers, dedicated laboratories and universities, enable us to evaluate the most appropriate solutions and propose different alternatives according to the type of custom plastic extrusion profiles and custom gaskets that need to be manufactured.

Our personnel that manages this important division of custom profiles and gaskets, is highly qualified and continually researches new technologies and materials by attending conventions, special courses, exhibitions, as well as consulting printed information in multiple channels.

How do you create a custom plastic extrusion profile?

Our customers are guided throughout all the phases of the project of custom plastic extrusion profiles and custom gaskets as follows:

  • Feasibility analysis of the project
  • Engineering and profile sizing also in co-design with customers
  • Raw material selection
  • Evaluation of the best production process
  • Project industrialization
  • 3D prototyping
  • Design and production of extrusion tooling
  • Raw material trials with selected options
  • Sampling and profile trials
  • Industrial production of the plastic profile
  • Quality control
  • After sales service

Advantages for the customer

  • One stop shop, 360°consulting services
  • Engineering lead time savings
  • Development cost savings
  • Increased efficiency of the extruded profile
  • Reduced profile assembly times
  • High quality profile functionality