Plastic profiles for automotive

Plastic profiles for automotive

The automotive industry requires plastic profiles with advanced technological solutions at a lighter weight.

Plastic profiles for automotive contribute to the weight reduction of the vehicles thus increasing sustainability and energy efficiency.
In this market segment, plastic profiles for automotive are also preferred because it is possible to obtain complex shapes with good dimensional tolerances, they are sturdy, resilient, have good aesthetics, and excellent durability.
The low density of plastic materials coupled with the innovative properties of new techno-polymers, make plastic profiles for automotive essential for the car industry, as well as for industrial vehicles.
Plastic materials applied in automotive necessitate technical properties that allow to obtain a high performing products not only to satisfy qualitative requirements, but also to meet stringent international regulations that govern this segment in terms of inflammability, emissions, UV resistance, etc. Our range of products includes gaskets and technical profiles for both industrial vehicles and for traditional automotive industry with rigid, flexible, co-extruded, and armed profiles with various metals as requested by the customer.
We also manufacture plastic profiles that are applied to railway and metrò (subways) stations, airports.

Follows some plastic profiles for automotive that can be obtained through the extrusion process

  • Rubber gaskets
  • Car door gaskets
  • Car gaskets
  • Gaskets for high temperatures
  • Rubber bumpers products
  • Rubber anti-vibration products
  • Mud guards for trucks
  • Profiles for led
  • Rear bumpers
  • Rubber gaskets for cars
  • Rubber profiles for cars
  • Rubber profiles
  • Sheath for tanks (containers)
  • Anti vibrating rubber sheath
  • Anti-vibrating sheaths
  • Car lights
  • Car edgings
  • Profiles for industrial vehicles
  • Profiles for dump trucks
  • Co-extruded profiles for isothermal vans and trucks
  • Gaskets for refrigerated trucks
  • Profiles for refrigerated trucks
  • Frames for isothermal truck doors
  • Plastic profiles for campers
  • Plastic profiles for trains, buses, and people transport vehicles
  • Profiles for insulated vehicles
  • Profiles for mobile shop vehicles
  • Profiles for trucks, vans and buses
  • Profiles for railways, metrò (subways) airports

Advantages of plastic profiles for automotive

  • Low density materials
  • Custom engineering
  • Materials thet meet industry regulations
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Techno-polymers with an elevated dimensional stability
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Resistant to UV rays and weathering
  • durata medio – alta
  • Long lasting
  • Customized finishes
  • High impact strength
  • Self-extinguishing materials
  • Recyclable materials