Rapid prototyping of plastic profiles

Rapid prototyping of plastic profiles

Our Rapid prototyping of plastic profiles services start from the drawing of the profile to verify if the designed shape functions as intended before manufacturing the extrusion tooling

Often, customers request to test a plastic profile before manufacturing the extrusion tooling.

For this reason, many times it is recommended to utilize Rapid prototyping of plastic profiles in the engineering phase, as it will reduce the overall investment.

In practice, we are able to supply 3D printing of plastic extrusion profiles from the customer’s drawing.

Through Rapid prototyping of plastic profiles, the actual functionality of the plastic profile can be verified, as designed in the engineering phase of the project. This will enable us to evaluate eventual dimensional and/or raw material modifications as required.

It is particularly useful to make prototypes for complex plastic profiles when they are coupled with other components. This will facilitate the evaluation of its functions in respect to the final product. In the long run, this will save considerable time and money.

According to the function of the prototype (aesthetics, mechanical, etc…) we can identify which 3D Rapid Prototyping technology will be utilized to manufacture the printed model. The evaluation of the raw material for the 3D printed model is also extremely important, as it depends on the required functions of the actual prototype.

We are able to identify and manufacture the prototype model with the most suitable raw material that will enable us to acquire useful information for the subsequent production phase of the plastic extrusion profiles.