Polycarbonate profiles

Polycarbonate profiles

We engineer polycarbonate profiles extrusion with various shapes and applications. In order to make polycarbonate profiles, we select the most suitable raw materials according to specific applications.

In fact, with this thermoplastic transparent polymer, the production range includes lenses, sheets that can substitute glass, car lights, portholes, transparent tubes, lighting and technical profiles for various applications.

Therefore, according to the required characteristics, the raw material in polycarbonate profiles is formulated with a specific additive to comply with the application of the final product.

Polycarbonate profiles extrusion can be manufactured in transparent, matte, frosted, or light diffusing finishings

In particular for the lighting industry, it is possible to achieve an excellent light diffusion coupled with a high degree of light transmission.

Polycarbonate properties: transparent material with excellent high-impact strength. Resistant to some acids, gasoline, fatty oils, and alcohol. Limited resistance to UV rays if not protected adequately.

The following is a partial list of polycarbonate profiles manufactured with the extrusion process:

  • Led ceiling lamps
  • Led profiles
  • Led strips profiles
  • Polycarbonate tubes
  • Lighting plastic profiles
  • Transparent polycarbonate tubes
  • Led profiles in polycarbonate
  • Led diffusers
  • Glazing profiles
  • Transparent bars
  • Transparent channels
  • Plastic profiles for led
  • Polycarbonate profiles for glass
  • Glazing profiles for dividing walls
  • Transparent polycarbonate profiles
  • Transparent tubes
  • Polycarbonate diffusers
  • Technical profiles for industrial applications
  • Custom profiles