Nylon profiles

Nylon profiles

Nylon profiles are made by the extrusion process of polyamide (PA) that is notably known with its commercial name, Nylon.

In general, with Nylon profiles, the products manufactured are applied where excellent mechanical properties are required like pneumatic tubes that are resistant to high pressure and temperatures.

Polyamide profiles have excellent abrasion resistance and can also be utilized as sliding tracks for metal ball bearings. PA also has a considerable weathering resistance. When glass fibers are added to polyamide, the mechanical properties improve significantly, as for example, specific plastic profiles are extruded for thermal break windows.

Polyamide-Nylon properties: excellent mechanical characteristics, abrasion, chemical (fatty oils, solvents), and high temperature resistance; strong resistance to low temperatures and weathering. It can be formulated with fibers (glass and carbon) to increase its elastic modulus.

Through the extrusion process, the following Nylon profiles can be manufactured:

  • Thermal break window profiles
  • Nylon Bars
  • Nylon rods
  • Nylon tubes
  • Pneumatic tubes
  • Sliding track profiles
  • Various sliding components
  • Technical profiles for mechanical industry
  • Technical profiles for industrial applications
  • Custom profiles