Plastic profiles engineering services

Plastic profiles engineering services

Mavis is capable of offering complete plastic profiles engineering services to companies who need to develop new projects.


Plastic profiles engineering services include the following steps:

Analysis of the Project’s feasibility

We quickly evaluate if the product is worth manufacturing with the extrusion process in terms of cost and benefits.

Engineering and Dimensional Analysis

The technical department assesses the drawing and functional aspects of the product and suggests improved solutions until the product can function in the most simple and efficient manner.

Advice on most Suitable Plastic Materials

After understanding the function of the profile and analyzed the project, we proceed to select the most suitable raw material inherent to mechanical, chemical, aesthetical, and durability characteristics, as well as other customer requirements.

Process Analysis

On the basis of the product type and raw material, we are then in a position to identify which production process is the most suitable to manufacture the requested product

Industrialization of the Project

The project’s industrialization process is carried out very meticulously by verifying every detail before the actual manufacturing phase.


When necessary, it is possible to manufacture a 3D prototype to test the functionality of the project

Extrusion Tooling Construction

On the basis of the plastic profile type, the extrusion tooling are engineered and manufactured internally or through selected external partners.

Trials and Testing During Production

During the production process, the profile is tested with the same procedures utilized by the customer.

After Sales and Assistance on Location

When the profile needs to be assembled along with other components, it is possible to verify on the installation site the proper function of the profile


Advantages for the customer:

  • Dedicated engineer that manages the complete process
  • Cost and time savings