The energy performance required by the new building and construction codes and by the upgrading of existing assets, require the utilization of high performing plastic profiles and seals for door and window frames.

In particular, plastic profiles and seals for door and window frames are utilized to submit adequate technological solutions concerning thermal and acoustic insulation.
In this market segment we have experienced many new projects that require the utilization of plastic profiles for door and window frames, as well as continuous facades. These satisfy new regulations enforced by law and meet new requirements from architects and final customers.
Extruded plastic profiles play an important role in these applications, as they can also be made in complex geometrical shapes, and are available in a wide range of high insulating polymers.
For these reasons, we dedicate particular attention to the selection of plastic materials utilized for plastic profiles for door and window frames. The materials are selected for their thermal

  • conductivity
  • dimensional shrinkage
  • resistance to high and low temperatures
  • mechanical resistance
  • impermeability to water and air
  • durability
  • possibility of recyclability at the end of life cycle.

The engineering of these products is wholly developed internally and each project is managed in co-design with customers’ technical departments or third party engineering / architectural firms. We can also supply 3D prototypes to verify the effective function of the profile before manufacturing the extrusion tooling.

Plastic profiles and seals for door and window frames

In this market segment, research for new technological solutions have brought to the creation of thermal break windows and doors characterized by intermediate insulating profiles made of various plastic materials. This system resulted extremely advantageous for alluminum or combined wood-alluminum windows and doors.
Insulating counter frames have also been developed with special polymers that improve thermal and acoustic insulation of windows and doors, prevent mold formation, and can be coupled with most widely used systems. Plastic materials utilized for these products need to be insulating, non-deformable, impact resistant, weldable, and recyclable.
To complete the series of plastic profiles for door and window frames, as well as continuous facades, we also provide sealing gaskets formulated with high performing polymers and specifically engineered for thermal and acoustic sealing.

Advantages of plastic profiles and seals for door and window frames

  • High insulating thermal and acoustic sealing
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Low shrinkage coefficient
  • Non corrodible from mold and bacteria
  • Water and humidity resistant
  • Easy to process
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long lasting
  • Recyclable