We can supply various types of plastic biodegradable products or bio-plastics.

Generally, all thermoplastics: rigid, flexible, semi-rigid, and reinforced profiles including technopolymers and biodegradables.

Yes, there are specific types of glue depending on the plastic material that composes the profiles.

Yes, upon request, we can apply removable protective films on the profiles to protect them from impacts or scratches.

Yes, we have various types of inline printers that can reproduce a brand name, the batch number, the date or other data.

Yes, we apply primers or other substances that activate subsequent gluing applications.

Yes, with apposite moulds we can curve profiles with predetermined shapes and radiuses.

Extruded thermoplastic profiles are generally predisposed to secondary processes during or after the extrusion process. Our customers can perform these operations and apply the extruded profile on the final product.

We have the capability to cut, bore, shear, and mill profiles during the extrusion process (inline). We can also perform additional processes (offline) like precise cut to length requirements, or with different degrees of cutting inclinations.

Extrusion is a continuous process and therefore it is possible to cut profiles as per customers’ specifications. At the same time, some profiles and gaskets or sealing profiles made in flexible or semi-rigid materials can be supplied in rolls.

We have profiles in stock but with customer specific stocking programs. Standard products on catalogue are generally manufactured with a customer’s order (blanket orders).

It varies according to the type of profile, but generally for the products in stock, the MOQ is approximately 500 meters. For non-stock products, it depends on the profile types, and varies between 1000 and 5000 meters.

Yes, we can supply a range of transparent materials whether rigid or flexible, in various grades of opaque according to customer’s specifications.

Yes, we have the technology to manufacture products that reproduce the aesthetic effect of wood, metal or other textures and finishes. We can extrude glossy and matte colors according to RAL, Pantone, NCS., etc. or as per the customer’s color sample. In essence, profiles can be extruded in any color.

A drawing or sketch, a photo or a sample. Quantity requested, and raw material type (if known). Our engineers will subsequently contact you for additional information.

Yes, on the website you can download our catalogue or browse online. Some of the products demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities. If you can’t find the profile or gasket that you are looking for, contact us because we have more products not included in the catalogue.

Yes, we have standard profiles and gaskets that we can supply without the need to make a new tool.

With the latest technologies, it is possible to make a prototype with minimal costs that enables to verify the feasibility of a new project before investing in permanent tooling.

Yes, it is possible to insert a ferrous profile or metallic tape and join them with the plastic profile during the extrusion process.

Yes, known as coextruded or capstocked, these profiles include two or more different materials that are coupled together. It is possible to join rigid and flexible materials, different colors, as well as materials with different mechanical properties.

Yes, and they can be extruded in different types of thermoplastic materials according to the characteristics requested by the customer.

Yes, many profiles extruded by Mavis are designed by our customers. In order to facilitate each project and reduce engineering lead times, our technical department is available for dimensional suggestions of the profiles, as well as the selection of the most suitable raw material. The tooling is also manufactured by our company,