Plastic profiles for shower cabins

Plastic profiles for shower cabins

Plastic profiles for shower cabins – we engineer and manufacture gaskets for shower cabins, sealing profiles, and custom profiles for customer specific solutions.

In recent years plastic profiles for shower cabins underwent a significant innovative process in both, functional and aesthetic areas. Our new range of plastic profiles for shower cabins have been developed to meet new market trends. In particular, shower cabin profiles require a clear finishing having a low visual impact, and technical characteristics to facilitate assembly, as well as assure water tightness between the gasket , glass and alluminum.
To improve the functionality of the product, some of the plastic profiles for shower cabins can be made in coextrusion (rigid and flexible sections). The flexible section is formulated with a special embossed plastic material for a smoother surface and an excellent resistance to molds.

Plastic profiles for sanitary water: water tightness and durability

Plastic profiles and sealing gaskets for shower cabins, and hot tubs (spas) require an effective water tightness for a long period of time without yellowing or deteriorating. For this purpose, high quality profiles are extruded with particular rigid and flexible plastic materials formulated appositely to include a good compression set, and suitable UV protection.
The experience acquired in this market segment enables us to engineer in co-design with our customers custom products. As a result, in a relative short amount of time, we can manufacture an extremely functional profile perfectly integrated with the other elements of the project.

Follows a partial list of plastic profiles for shower cabins

  • Gaskets shower cabins
  • Drip profile
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Shower enclosure gaskets
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Glazing bead gaskets
  • Gaskets for sliding doors
  • Drip profile shower cabin
  • Door shower gaskets
  • PVC gaskets
  • Transparent gaskets
  • Gaskets for bath tub
  • Rubber profiles for shower cabins
  • Magnetic gaskets
  • Magnetic gaskets for shower cabins
  • Drip profiles
  • Glazing bead gaskets
  • Cover (casing) profiles
  • Adjustment profiles
  • Diverting drop profiles
  • Profiles for glass
  • Co-extruded profiles
  • Decorative profiles
  • Balloon gaskets
  • Diverting profile
  • Gaskets for sealing slits

Advantages of plastic profiles for shower cabins

  • Easy assembly
  • Water tight
  • Excellent transparency
  • UV resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Materials resistant to mold (sanitized)
  • Customized product
  • Customized finished: alluminum, translucent or frosted
  • Resistant to common detergents