Plastic profiles for led and lighting

Plastic profiles for led and lighting

Plastic profiles for led and lighting: techno-polymers with high diffusing lighting efficiency

Mavis also extrudes plastic profiles for led and lighting. These profiles for led and lighting are manufactured with high quality materials like PMMA (methacrylate) and PC (polycarbonate).
These techno-polymers combined with particular extrusion processes, allow to obtain screens with various effects: transparent, opalescent, glossy, diffusing, etc.
Plastic profiles for led and lighting manufactured with this method, transmit and diffuse the light remarkably whilst covering the single light point without dispersing the brightness and assuring excellent lighting efficiency.
We utilize these techno-polymers to extrude lighting profiles like led strips, neon covers, ceiling lights, screen, diffusers, etc.
Mavis has also made a series of lighting profiles dedicated to the furnishing industry. The need to illuminate inside closets, underneath kitchen cupboards and various furniture components, has enabled us to create special profiles mounted inside closets, below the shelves, and in various custom solutions made in co-design with our customers.

The following is a partial list of profiles that we manufacture with the extrusion process:

  • Led ceiling lights
  • Led bars
  • Led profiles
  • Led strip profiles
  • Led beneath cupboards
  • Cable profiles
  • Electrical channels
  • Cable trunking profiles
  • Pvc channels
  • Transparent pcv tube
  • Transparent bars
  • Led diffusors
  • Furniture strips
  • Transparent channels
  • Transparent led channels
  • Sign profiles
  • Led covers
  • Led cover profiles
  • Led plastic profiles
  • Shelving leds
  • Lighted sign profiles
  • Lighting profiles
  • Transparent, opalescent and glossy screens

Plastic profiles for led and lighting : Advantages

  • easy assembly
  • UV resistant
  • High impact strength
  • High degree light transmission
  • Excellent diffusing
  • Custom products
  • Custom transparent, opalescent, glossy, and matte finishings
  • Self-extinguishing materials