Hot stamped plastic profiles: new finishings

Are you looking to couple plastic profile technology with wood-like, metal or other customized textures?

Today, this is possible through the continuous foil application that transfers the desired finishing on the plastic profiles whether rigid or flexible.

For example, the plastic extrudate can reproduce a wooden frame, a metal table leg, a chromed edging.

This can be achieved with a hot stamping process on the plastic profiles in which the desired reproduction of a woodgrain finish, metal surface, or many other decorations.

Which type of finishings can be applied on the plastic profiles?

There are virtually infinite foil solutions that can be applied to decorate plastic. Many finishings are readily available, but it is also possible to request customized decors. Wood-like finishings can be supplied with an open pore effect. Metal finishings can be glossy, opaque, or with a brushed effect. The effects are either real-like or optical.

Plastic profiles are first extruded and subsequently processed with particular finishings on the whole surface, by so doing, the foil becomes one with the extrudate. This results in a very detailed product that cannot be distinguished from the original.

The utilization of these products are particularly suitable when the aesthetics of the metal finishing are required but with lightness in weight, or with thermal insulation property of plastics.

It is worth highlighting that in the extrusion process, it is possible to process products with complex shapes unlike with other materials (wood or metal, etc.) and obtain excellent results.

In fact, it is possible to apply these foils even on complex shapes with wires or cables inside the profiles, which would result extremely difficult with other materials for technical and/or cost issues.

This technology allows for virtually infinite and innovative solutions that require the best properties of plastic materials coupled with an aesthetic effect of other materials (like wood, metal etc.).

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